Hi, I'm Kelsey. The lady behind the lens! 

I'm a mom to three wild and beautiful little girls and a photographer in my spare time (ha! remind me what spare time is again?).  

My business started as a happy accident about six years ago when I quit my corporate job to stay at home with my first baby girl. While I loved being a mom, I wanted to have something to dream about and strategize for while I was pushing my daughter on the swings, making endless pb&j sandwiches, and listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat in the car.

Photography was the perfect fit as I discovered, from behind my lens, that all of the things I did throughout my day that I thought were endless and mundane, were actually the most beautiful and touching of all. Those moments of brushing my daughter's hair out of her eyes, dancing to Moana in the kitchen, tickling, laughing, and playing together, are the ones that add richness to our lives. These little things are the things I want to remember the most, and I will cherish these pictures when the season has passed. 

I love that photography gives me the chance to show my clients the beauty in their mundane. That moment of your daughter whispering in your ear, or grabbing her dad's hand to lead him somewhere - I stop time and steal these seconds for you, making them last forever. It is an honor to be invited into my clients' lives for an hour, to take pictures that capture the essence of their family, pictures that they will cherish forever. 

When I'm not taking pictures you can find me riding my bike around the city with my family, drinking coffee at our favorite spot, or adventuring near the mountains or the sea.