My beautiful baby girl turned three last weekend. My heart was full as I watched her adventure in the woods on her birthday hike, run around the gym like a maniac at her gymnastics birthday party, and blow out the candles on her cake (pink - and topped with a pony) with help from her little friends. We have had some intense challenges in our relationship lately and I definitely understand the inspiration behind the term "threenager" now, but it is all a part of her growing into her own little person and I love this sweet little girl like nothing else in the world.

Through the journey of motherhood I have learned a lot about my faith and can better understand the love of the Father for His children now that I have a similar love for my own. Norah encourages, challenges, and inspires me daily, and through the good and the bad I feel myself being refined and sanctified by being her Momma. I have known nothing sweeter.


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