Langley Family

I have known the Langley family for years and was thrilled when Alexis reached out to schedule photos with me earlier this summer. Things got off to a bit of a rocky start the morning of the shoot...the bridge was up, parking was impossible, and emotions were running high while patience was running low. Which is perfectly understandable when one is responsible for getting a baby, toddler, and teenager ready and out the door at a certain time. After a brief chat and a pause to pray for reconciliation in the minivan and a pleasant morning for all. A few minutes later, we met in a gorgeous field at Discovery Park and had a lovely photo shoot while the sunlight filtered beautifully through the leaves behind us.

One of the things I enjoy most about photographing families is seeing the love for the children shine brightly on a mother's face. Alexis was positively radiant during this shoot, and it was my pleasure to capture these beautiful moments for this sweet family.

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