Rigg Hillard Family | Seattle Family Photographer

Can I be honest for a second? It is hard, hard, HARD to be a stay-at-home momma with a side hustle. I have a shirt that says "surviving not thriving" (thanks Clea and Joanna) and it seems appropriate to wear it every day (except that I accidentally ordered it too small and it makes me look absolutely tragic - the ultimate surviving not thriving)! 

Regardless, that is the mantra running through my head most days as I divide my attention between the tasks at hand while daydreaming about my goals for the future of my business and trying not to forget to pick up a kid, or that I was supposed to bring dinner to someone or something. 

Anyway, all of that to say, I took these pictures six months ago and have been meaning to share them ever since. This family radiates love and joy, and they made it easy to capture their essence. If you think these pictures are beautiful, that should give you an idea of who Dustin and Julianna (and their kids!) are, one of the kindest and most loving families around. I am lucky to call them friends.