Jackson in the city | Seattle lifestyle photographer

When you spend the first year of your life frequenting coffee shops, playgrounds, and breweries just outside the door of your Capitol Hill apartment, it makes sense to celebrate with an urban shoot on the sidewalks you learned to walk on. 

Jackson has been walking since he was nine months old and was definitely the happiest whenever he was running away from his parents. And his dad was happiest whenever he was harassing Jackson, which is basically the sweetest thing you've ever seen.  

Momma baby love

My favorite photos to take are of mommas loving on their babies. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the way a momma looks at her little one. The movements repeated a million times throughout the day, brushing hair out of their faces, patting their backs encouragingly, stealing kisses, and holding hands while reading, (and let's be real - wiping their noses with your own shirt), these movements tell the story of their lives full of love together. 

Mommas, get in the frame with your babies. These moments are too precious to let them go by undocumented. 

Here are a few favs from recent baby love sessions. 

Tulips and puddle jumping | Seattle Lifestyle Photographer

I grew up in the Skagit Valley, and while I don't really miss it or have nostalgic feelings about living there, I do have a hangup about taking pictures in the tulip fields every year. So this weekend we braved the crowds (and the mud) and headed to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival for our annual photos.

My kids are not interested in looking at or smiling for the camera (who is?!) so they ran around while I chased after them, snapping away. Lifestyle/documentary photos are actually my preference since they clearly tell the story of our lives and allow my girls' personalities to shine through much better than posed pictures ever do. 

As you'll soon be able to see; the big girls ran wild, the baby tried to eat everything she got her hands on, and the highlight of our visit was a giant mud puddle. You can probably imagine how we all looked like by the time sloshed home in our rain boots. 

Ava in the studio

I just read a newspaper article that said Seattle has had only three days of mild sunny weather since October. Three days. Since October. The rest of them have been either freezing cold or soaking wet. I am starting to get desperate for spring and some sunshine!  

Since nobody wants their pictures taken in the rain, I have been doing a lot of work in the studio and it has been a fun change. I'm glad we were in the studio for Ava's six-month shoot because her parents spent most of the session rolling around on the floor playing with her. These photos perfectly reflect the reality of their life right now, down on the ground, all eyes on Ava.