Baby Emma | Seattle newborn photographer

On one of the last sunny mornings of our beautiful fall, I met with the Bethards family to document one of their last days as a family of three. Days of excitement, anticipation, joy, and perhaps a little anxiousness about the big changes to come. Katrina was positively radiant, clearly; and Audrey was full of the big emotions of a 21-month-old that were forgotten after a quick Snapchat interlude. 

A few weeks later, little Emma arrived, and their beautiful family was complete. 

Haynes Maternity | Seattle maternity photographer

Those last days before adding another member to your family, such a sweet time of anticipation. Soaking up every minute as just the three of you, wondering how things will be different once another person joins the family. Wondering how your heart will stretch to love another baby just as much as you love the first. Wondering what life will be like back in newbornland and how you'll ever survive those sleepless nights. 

Those last long days full of hope and excitement, anxiousness and love.

And then, before you know it, she will be here, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without her. 

Baby Bennett

I typically shoot maternity sessions outside at some beautiful and scenic location in Seattle, but I love the intimacy that shines through the pictures from this at home maternity shoot. Just Brian, Mischell, their two shibas, and a few of Mischell's pregnancy obsessions: strawberry ice cream and cinnamon rolls. 

And later, after Bennett made his debut, it was fun to shoot his newborn pictures in the same spaces that we had worked just a few weeks earlier when he was still on the inside. 

Another thing that clearly comes across in these pictures? Brian and Mischell's love for each other and their sweet baby boy.

Year in review - 2016

Every single one of my photo shoots ends the same way. I tell my client that I think I'm done, I put my camera down and fish the lens cap out of my pocket, and then I see something. A look, a touch, new light. I can't help myself. I'll pick up my camera and take a few more. Then a few more. Then a few more. 

Some of my favorite frames have been captured after the first or second time I've tried to end a shoot. 

The moments that make me pick up my camera again, and later catch my breath when I'm editing are the ones that highlight movement, light, and connection. In 2016 I allowed myself the freedom to move beyond the idea of capturing the perfect family picture and focused instead on moments that were meaningful to me. 

The results are not just images of my clients' families. They are images that tell my clients' stories. 

It has been a delight to be invited to tell these stories in 2016. Here are a few of my favorites. 

I would love to tell a piece of your story in 2017! Email hello@kelseymoll.com for booking info.