Fourth-annual best summer ever

Whew! Fall is always a crazy time for my business but this year my fall felt like a freight train that ran me over...then backed up and ran me over again. You could say that my work/life balance needs a little adjusting. And now that I have finally had a minute to breathe, I'm realizing December is over and in two short sleeps we'll welcome in another year. What? 

I have written a summer recap each year since I started my business. I'm usually writing it in a coffee shop in late September, watching the rain outside, reliving sweet summer memories on my screen, and crying into my Americano. This year I was too busy shooting and editing like a madwoman and didn't have the luxury of writing a summer blog, (or even editing the pictures from my summer) until now. 

So, while I feel a little funny writing this post three months late, I'm going to go for it. 

We welcomed the most precious baby girl into our family this spring, so our summer adventures were quite tame compared to previous years. I jokingly referred to this as our worst summer ever, but after reviewing the pictures and reliving our summer memories, I can confidently say it was another one for the books.

We spent most of our time adventuring close to home and enjoyed frequent ferry rides, visits to the beach and splash parks, and run-ins with the ice cream man. We left Seattle in the rearview a few times when we took weekend trips to Decatur Island and Port Townsend, and later to camp on the shores of Lake Chelan. 

I'm remembering now that we stayed close to home because our baby hated the car seat and any trip in the car longer than 20 minutes ended up with screaming baby, a two-year-old yelling "my baby's crying! My baby's crying! Momma! My baby's crying! FIX IT" and a four-year-old yelling at the two-year-old to stop yelling. And that's about the time I started to fantasize about pulling a Beyonce and telling the driver to roll up the partition, please. 

Everything felt a little harder this summer, and getting out the door in less than two hours was nearly impossible, but the sweet memories that we made as we began our life as a family of five will be cherished forever.