The arrival of Abigail Faith

At about this time three weeks ago, I was wiping tears away from behind my camera while I took pictures of this precious little girl just minutes old.

The miracle of birth – a strong and courageous mother bringing life into the world, husband by her side supporting and encouraging her – is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The pictures from these occasions show a deep intimacy and are raw with emotion and love.

Lauren labored with beauty and grace, and when it was time, reached down and pulled Abigail out of her body and onto her chest. There were tears of joy on every face as we heard hearty newborn cries and Colin announcing her gender to the room. 

Not even an hour later, big brother and sister came to the hospital to greet their new baby. Their eyes were wide and curious as they admired their newest family member. 

It was an honor to be there and document these life-changing moments.