Sweet Emory

My husband and I were thrilled to welcome our third daughter into our family on May 15. Emory Margaret Moll. She is beautiful and perfect. 

Norah and Vivienne met their little sister a few hours after she was born. They brought cupcakes to the hospital and sang happy birthday to the newest birthday girl. Vivienne was smitten right away and Norah was a little aloof, but it has been wonderful to watch their love for her blossom during the last two weeks.

I have been trying to be present in and enjoy this newborn stage but I can't help being excited for our future together. I am eager for her personality emerge and to see how that changes our dynamic as a family. And I can't wait for her to be old enough to hop on the bike with us so we can all cruise down the Burke Gilman together.

Until then, I'll savor the sweet newborn snuggles.