Back to work

Adjusting to life with a new baby and three little girls under five has been...intense. My answer when I'm asked "how are things going?" depends on the day, the hour, the minute and what has happened in the ten minutes before the question is asked. Because what new mom can really remember anything besides what has happened in the last ten minutes? My life feels like constant chaos. And I can almost guarantee that at any given moment someone is hungry, someone is crying, and someone else is missing their pants. 

So, when my clients are surprised that I have a young baby at home and are impressed that I'm back to work already, I am being completely honest when I say that it's easier to be at the photo shoot with them than it is to be at home with all the kids. 

My work gives me energy and joy. It provides an opportunity to break away and allows me to return to my family restored, with the ability and desire to get back to the chaos. 

This shoot was one of my first after my baby was born, and it gave me such pleasure to be back to work. Out at sunset, connecting with lovely people, and celebrating their upcoming arrival.