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This fall | Seattle Family Photographer

It happens every year. Fall comes, business ramps up, and I am completely overwhelmed by weekend photo shoots and late night editing marathons. 

Actually, shooting and editing are not really overwhelming, it's trying to get through my busy season in addition to being a stay-at-home-mom to three beautiful and crazy little girls that really sends me over the edge. 

My girls are now almost six, four, and eighteen months. Norah went to kindergarten this fall, Vivienne started at a new preschool, and Emory started running around town like she owns the place. 

They would drive me nuts all week long when I would try to squeeze in a few minutes of editing in between shuttling one to school, putting one down for a nap, making one a snack, and answering a million "why" questions from the three of them. And then I would miss them like crazy all weekend and I would constantly harass my husband (Superdad) to send me photos of everything they were doing while I was away shooting. 

I feel like it's a constant struggle to achieve a healthy work/life balance (does that even exist?!) and it feels impossible to work through my busy season while also loving my family well. I let the dishes sit in the sink and the laundry pile up, I ordered takeout too often and let the kids watch too many episodes of Wild Kratts, and sometimes I let them go to bed without saying goodnight because I didn't want to stop working long enough to climb two flights of stairs to deliver their hugs and kisses. 

Worst Mom Ever. 

But. We made it through. And I even remembered to block my calendar in the midst of the chaos for Vivienne's birthday so I could throw her a party. A unicorn volcano birthday party complete with a paper mache volcano science experiment and homemade exploding volcano cake. 

Does this earn me an upgrade to Best Mom Ever? 

So. The last three months have been a blur, but things are slowing down and now I am looking forward to going back through the shoots I did this fall and sharing some of my favorites. I'll start with this family - in the perfect late afternoon fall light, laughing and playing through the entire shoot. These beautiful moments and pictures are the reason why I do what I do. All of the crazy is worth it to me to deliver images and memories like these. 

Jackson in the city | Seattle lifestyle photographer

When you spend the first year of your life frequenting coffee shops, playgrounds, and breweries just outside the door of your Capitol Hill apartment, it makes sense to celebrate with an urban shoot on the sidewalks you learned to walk on. 

Jackson has been walking since he was nine months old and was definitely the happiest whenever he was running away from his parents. And his dad was happiest whenever he was harassing Jackson, which is basically the sweetest thing you've ever seen.  

Year in review - 2016

Every single one of my photo shoots ends the same way. I tell my client that I think I'm done, I put my camera down and fish the lens cap out of my pocket, and then I see something. A look, a touch, new light. I can't help myself. I'll pick up my camera and take a few more. Then a few more. Then a few more. 

Some of my favorite frames have been captured after the first or second time I've tried to end a shoot. 

The moments that make me pick up my camera again, and later catch my breath when I'm editing are the ones that highlight movement, light, and connection. In 2016 I allowed myself the freedom to move beyond the idea of capturing the perfect family picture and focused instead on moments that were meaningful to me. 

The results are not just images of my clients' families. They are images that tell my clients' stories. 

It has been a delight to be invited to tell these stories in 2016. Here are a few of my favorites. 

I would love to tell a piece of your story in 2017! Email for booking info.