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Rigg Hillard Family | Seattle Family Photographer

Can I be honest for a second? It is hard, hard, HARD to be a stay-at-home momma with a side hustle. I have a shirt that says "surviving not thriving" (thanks Clea and Joanna) and it seems appropriate to wear it every day (except that I accidentally ordered it too small and it makes me look absolutely tragic - the ultimate surviving not thriving)! 

Regardless, that is the mantra running through my head most days as I divide my attention between the tasks at hand while daydreaming about my goals for the future of my business and trying not to forget to pick up a kid, or that I was supposed to bring dinner to someone or something. 

Anyway, all of that to say, I took these pictures six months ago and have been meaning to share them ever since. This family radiates love and joy, and they made it easy to capture their essence. If you think these pictures are beautiful, that should give you an idea of who Dustin and Julianna (and their kids!) are, one of the kindest and most loving families around. I am lucky to call them friends.

Baby Emma | Seattle newborn photographer

On one of the last sunny mornings of our beautiful fall, I met with the Bethards family to document one of their last days as a family of three. Days of excitement, anticipation, joy, and perhaps a little anxiousness about the big changes to come. Katrina was positively radiant, clearly; and Audrey was full of the big emotions of a 21-month-old that were forgotten after a quick Snapchat interlude. 

A few weeks later, little Emma arrived, and their beautiful family was complete. 

Full arms, full hearts | Seattle family photographer

Right now, in the middle of winter, it is dark and gloomy. The rain is falling and pouring down the street in little rivers making this late summer day feel like a distant memory. There was ash falling from the sky and our mid-morning shoot had a hazy red tint due to the smoke in the air, but these two smiley six-month-olds didn't mind a bit. 

I have had the pleasure of working with several sets of twins and I am always impressed with the level of teamwork their parents display. Their arms are full of babies and stuff; juggling bottles, strollers, diaper bags, dog leashes, and extra outfits, but their words to each other are kind and encouraging and they are spoken with humble hearts and smiling faces. What lucky babies to grow up in the strong arms of these kind parents. 

A morning with the Davis family | Seattle family photographer

I have been taking pictures of the Davis family since little Etta was six months old. She has always been a beautiful, happy girl, and it is a shoot I look forward to every year. Her family just moved to a new (to them) neighborhood in Seattle so we decided to do the shoot at their home, on their block, and at the beach park they visit nearly every day. 

Last year, Etta was a little timid during their photo shoot. This year, she greeted me at the door with a smile, showed me her new room, and cried when the shoot was over. What a difference a year makes! 

We got a lot of beautiful pictures during our shoot, but my favorite is the one of Etta wrapped up in her mom's arms. Etta's dad had been chasing her and she ran giggling and screaming straight to her mom's open arms. Arms that closed around to protect and embrace. Arms that feel like home to Etta.

Etta's mom closed her eyes and smiled for just a moment. Enjoying the weight of her daughter against her chest. The feeling of home in her arms.