Caden is one! | Seattle family photographer

Whenever I get an inquiry from a client wanting to book a one-year shoot for their child, the first words in my email back are always a big congrats on making it through the first year with their little one. I'm probably not alone in thinking it is a huge accomplishment, right? It felt that way for me with each of my three girls. 

The first year is a time full of growth, change, ups, downs, and in-betweens for everyone in the family. Relationships formed, stretched, re-knit into something more meaningful and stronger than before. The new love you have for your partner after surviving the first year of chaos together. What a beautiful thing to document. 

And the littlest ones. Their personalities so big, they overflow out of those little bodies. Wobbly legs, just starting to learn the sensation of walking. The wonder and awe lighting up big beautiful eyes. All of these things are cause for celebration, and it seems just perfect that most one-year-olds are learning to clap at this point.  

We spent a beautiful morning celebrating Caden's first trip around the sun. Bright smiles, snuggles, and a few hesitant steps with great celebration afterward. And then a trip to the coffee shop, because hey, we all know that coffee is the other MVP of the first year with baby.