I'm not crying. You're crying.

I edited these photos in a busy coffee shop in Ballard, surrounded by other people conducting meetings and busily typing away on their laptops. I had dropped my big girls off at school, my little girl off with the babysitter, sat down with my americano and started my podcast. My morning was off to a great start! Until I opened up these pics and started crying. 


Crying because this sweet baby girl is about the same age as my sweet baby girl. And these pictures of her and her momma made me think about me and my baby. And even though I had left her with the sitter only a few minutes before, I missed her. 

So I cried. And edited. And cried some more. And then I promised myself I'd book my own photo shoot with my own baby so I could remember this sweet stage forever and not have to relive it through my client's photos. 

This baby, though. You try looking at her without shedding a tear or two.