What kinds of sessions do you offer??

I love to work with families documenting each stage of their lives together, and focus primarily on maternity, newborn and family sessions although I do shoot couples occasionally as well. My sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. My packages range in price from $450 to $1,500. All packages include digital files, and online gallery, and the option to buy prints and other photo products from the high-quality printers that I have partnered with. Fill out the contact page or send an email to hello@kelseymoll.com for a detailed pricing guide. 

Where do your sessions take place?

Most sessions take place outdoors at some of my favorite spots around Seattle. You can choose to have an urban or a scenic feel and I'll send recommendations based on your preference. I also love to shoot in my clients' homes since it adds another level of intimacy and context to the photos. Newborn shoots are almost always done in-home. 

What about the weather? Will we reschedule If it rains?

Nobody wants their family photos taken in the rain! We will absolutely reschedule if it looks like it will be pouring during your photo shoot. If the weather is gray with a chance of a few sprinkles here and there, then we will go for it. The cloudy PNW skies diffuse the sun and create beautiful, soft light for photos.

What should I wear? 

The never ending question! Pro tip - choose your outfit first and then plan the rest of your family’s outfits around yours. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. Something that isn’t too fussy and won’t need to be adjusted every time we move. Something that makes sense with your surroundings.

Once you have your own outfit figured out, then plan outfits for the rest of the family that coordinate with and compliment your own. Try to stick to a couple of colors and incorporate them throughout the rest of the family’s outfits in a mix of solids, patterns, and layers. Avoid bright red, coral, and yellow as these colors will cast a shade on your face in the photos, also try to stay away from a lot of solid black.

If there’s a dress that your daughter wants to wear every single day or a t-shirt your son is obsessed with, you might want to incorporate these things into your outfits as well. It will be fun to look back on the photos years later and remember that your daughter didn’t leave the house unless she was in that damn pink flower dress.

How do I book? 

Fill out the contact page or send an email to hello@kelseymoll.com, I'll send a detailed pricing guide and help you choose the package that best aligns with your goals for the shoot. We'll hammer out the rest of the details from there!