All giggles

It seems like I am always commenting on the weather in these blog posts, but as a photographer it is constantly on my mind.  Whether it's rescheduling due to rain, meeting at the break of day or late in the evening to avoid harsh sunlight, or finding breaks on a windy day to avoid a disheveled look, I am always considering the weather's affect on the photos. This photo shoot took place on the hottest, most beautiful day of the year to date. It was absolutely gorgeous and we pushed the shoot to late in the evening so we could take advantage of the softer sunlight of the "golden hour." What I failed to take into account was the seemingly millions of people out and about at the park enjoying the sun. After editing hundreds of people out of the background of this family's photos, I have one more thing to consider on a sunny day - a location without a ton of sunbathers, barbecuers,  and frisbee throwers that I'll have to later edit out of the photos!

Pesky sunbathers aside, I had a great time with the Harlow family. Alina was such a flirt and was so fun to photograph. She would laugh and play with me whenever I put the camera down, and then act serious when I picked it up to snap a few photos. I managed to catch quite a few of her in full giggle mode though, I can confidently say that I won our little game. Ha!