The beginning

Two years ago I was a girl with a digital camera and a dream so unrealistic I dismissed it every time the thought came to mind. A few months later I whispered it to a friend, tears running down my face as the words lingered in the air. I was scared. Scared to put myself out there. Scared to stretch my comfort zone. Scared to fail. Scared to succeed. Although it was a while before I said the words out loud again, I quietly said them over and over again in my head.  

"I want to be a photographer."



I took classes, familiarized myself with my camera, developed my eye, and learned how to use photo processing software. I started offering to take photos for my friends - their beautiful baby bumps, then their beautiful babies, and later their beautiful families as they grew. I loved capturing their sweet moments. Little glances, caresses, and radiant joy as they played together.





I was too timid to call them photo shoots in the beginning, but I took each one seriously and spent hours pouring over the photos, tweaking and editing them and then waiting anxiously to hear their response.


There have been rookie mistakes; like a shoot almost entirely out of focus while learning to use my new f/1.4 lens, running out of space on my card during my first paid shoot, or having my battery die during another. But I am happy to say I have learned from all of them, even if it had to happen the hard way a few times. Now I head into each photo shoot feeling confident (for the most part) prepared and excited to create beautiful memories for a lovely family.



While I was making baby steps toward my dream, I was making baby steps in another direction as well. I got pregnant, had a baby and quit my job. I went from being a full time media relations professional with an interest in photography, to a full time baby wrangler with a budding photography business.




These days I try to secure business through my moms groups, I coordinate photo shoots around my husband or babysitter's schedule, I edit photos while my busy toddler naps, and on weekends I get to the coffee shop at dawn for a few hours of quiet while I try to wrap my non-technical brain around the intricacies of maintaing a website and building a blog.



I am still learning every day. I have come a long way since those first faux photo shoots, and I still have a long way to go to get to where I wan to be. But I am making progress toward my dreams and that is what matters. Thank you for being a part of my journey.